About John Johnson Jr.Meet John Johnson Jr.

Why John?

















I am running for office because I want to play an active

role in ensuring the 2nd District is represented properly

and fairly.  When I look at our district, I see

opportunities and I see the challenges our district faces.

I want to make sure Wilmington remains a city of growth

and opportunity for all residents.

Who am I?

I am a proud father and grandfather. Providing safety and

opportunity for our children is something I take to heart

because I live it everyday. I am a Penn State Alumni, pursuing

a Master’s Degree. With over twenty years of experience in

Nonprofit Organizations, Politics, Policy Analysis, and Event

Planning, I offer the residents of Delaware a candidate that

knows what it takes to succeed.


What have I accomplished?

I have been fortunate enough to have a long illustrious

career. Starting as a humble bus driver, and then progressing

to Union President and Transportation Manager, I understand

how to lead as well as follow. I have been in your shoes and

I know what you need. Furthermore, I understand what it

takes. Getting a job, helping others get jobs, and worker’s rights

are things I have not only lived, but continue to live to this

day. Progress for Delaware is my top priority.


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